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The El Paso County Board of County Commissioners approved the El Paso County Road Impact Fee Program on November 15, 2012. Below you can download:


The 2040 Major Transportation Corridors Plan (MTCP) was approved by the El Paso County Planning Commission on October 4, 2011, and is now available for public review. The 2040 MTCP is the result of an approximately 18-month process that included extensive public outreach and technical analysis. The Plan outlines where roadway improvements will be needed and how much it will cost to build or improve them.

The MTCP and its primary components can be accessed below:

  • MTCP Report (13.5 MB PDF) – This documents the public and technical processes for developing the Plan and the results of those efforts.

image of the report cover




  • Roadway Improvement Costs, Available Resources, and Local Funding Options (1.97 MB PDF) - These provide the information necessary to ensure timely implementation of necessary improvements. They also demonstrate how development will pay for its impact to the roadway system and the very substantial amount this will contribute to building the 2040 MTCP roadway improvements.
  • 2060 Corridor Preservation (531 KB PDF)- This map identifies the necessary right-of-way for preserving transportation corridors well into the future.

Map of the 2060 corridor preservation


  • Reaching the Region Map (183 KB PDF) – This map summarizes the extensive public outreach efforts conducted as part of the MTCP’s development.

Reaching the region map


  • Map Appendix (8.3 MB PDF) – This appendix contains the key maps from the 2040 MTCP Report and a list of MTCP improvements in 11x17 inch format.

Image of the appendix cover


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